Thursday, 7 June 2007

Short up date by sms.

Today Thursday we have reached 3800 m after an extremly tough but great rock climbing. Fantastic photos are to follow! Now we are resting in a hut without heat and electricity! We are melting snow to water with gaz heaters we have brought along. Tonight we go to bed early as we continue the climb at 2 in the morning!

The team is reduced to five people and our fantastic guides, the rest of the group staying in Chamonix organizing things from there. Apparently our helicopter pilot friend is taking a day off his vacation in order to take Lars and Henrik to the top when the work is done so we can get some beautiful and surrealistic pictures of Mont Rouge. That is good news. Talking of helicopters, we haven´t seen the one from the police that cruised over our heads yesterday.

All day on our way up we have been met by descending groups who all of them for various reasons had been forced to turn back before reaching the summit. I sincerely hope we will have more luck on our last part.

That was all for now on this short up date by sms।

Look here to see the creation of Evaristti´s public toilet in the mountain


propenso said...

Marcos. Fuerza en este proyecto. No soy asiduo al arte porque en este país vive en cuatro paredes, y también porque te matan con trabajo.
De todas formas es extraño ver montes rojos. Ojalá resulte pa ver algo distinto.
chao desde chile.

bergere_nl said...

I can not believe that you will do this ecological non sense think in the name of art. You will not get the expected fame from this. Mountains are not human domain, and by pulling red (even if biodegradable) syrup on it, it is exactly the same thing that leaving trash when climbing...
Monsieur je ne vous salue pas.

Thomas said...

Why is it called pink state?