Saturday, 2 June 2007

Climb a mountain.

There are probably several good reasons why one would want to climb a mountain. The experience of nature, the excitement, the fysical challenge. But art? And should one finally decide to do so for the purpose of making art, wouldn´t it be an idea to gather a team of runners from the nearby runners club to go along with you?

Well, that´s not exactly what I did. In stead, I´m now heading of, as an artist genius or mad scientist?, for the summit of this very beautiful and rather difficult accesible Mont Blanc together with:

  • a retired doctor, but how comforting it is to have him along. He´s an old friend - I´ve known him forever. A doctor from the nearby runners club can´t beat that,
  • a really good friend who is supportive in terms of as well age and weight, and whose calm nature is a valued opposite to my more flamboyant self,
  • my warmhearted and faithful gallerist, who has prepared for this expedition by swapping his endurance at the wellset table with endurance in the fittness centre,
  • my loyal-and-always-supportive-and-never-reluctant-with-criticism art historical assistant,
  • a musician, who like some other Julie Andrews will spread the tones of whatever comes to his mind during the expedition over the mountaintops,
  • an artcollector, not that he has that many of my things in his collection - but there is of course still hope, with a great spirit of mind and a great sense for beauty,
  • a film-documentarist-journalist whose personality, magnificent voice and bright mind make it possible for us to be able to share this unique experience with a lot of people in a very personal way,
  • and my photographer without whom this just wouldn´t feel right, as his participation in The Ice Cube Project not only boosted our professional relationship but also turned it into a deepfelt friendship.

And now a confession – the only one for now – I came down here together with Joakim a few days prior to the rest of the crew, in order to get a bit a head. But it´s tough. It´s really, really tough! The ascents for one thing, not to mention the descents that are at least as demanding. Another thing is the air. It is so thin that the fysical challenges are doubled. I have already started worrying if this will end up as a bad copy of the Robinson Expedition or if we all will be able to make it to the top of that incredibly beautiful mountain that lies right there just waiting for its change...

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Malou said...

Har netop tilsluttet mig ekspeditionen og vil skynde mig i seng så jeg er frisk til hvad jeg forstår bliver en eekkkssstttreeeeeeem hård dag i morgen.... Godnat. Tak LInda, i den anden ende, for at være så kvik til at få billederne herfra lagt ud.